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    FireChem AFFF is superior quality aqueous film-forming foam which can be used at the specified concentration to extinguish fires of
    non – polar hydrocarbon fuels. This extinguishing agent is suitable for use with most types of proportioning and discharge equipment.
    FireChem AFFF foam concentrates are designed for rapid fire knockdown by producing a thin aqueous film which helps to prevent the
    release of fuel vapours. The foam blanket from which the film forming liquid drains separates oxygen from the fuel surface,
    extinguishes the fire and prevents re-ignition.
    FireChem AFFF provides excellent penetrating and wetting qualities when used on Class A fires also. The water content of the foam
    provides a cooling effect. The aqueous film is produced by the fluorocarbon surfactant reducing the surface tension of the foam
    solution to a point where the solution can be supported by the surface tension of the fuel. This is important when extinguishing
    deep-seated fires in wood, paper, rubber and other ordinary combustibles.

    Formulated for use with wide range of discharge devices
    and proportioning system.
    Suitable for use with both aspirating foam and standard
    water fog nozzles.
    If inadvertently frozen, thawing will render product
    completely serviceable again.
    Suitable for use with fiber glass, polyethlene or stainless
    Suitable for use with either fresh or salt water.
    Suitable for use with deluge or closed head foam water
    sprinkler systems.
    Suitable for use with siliconised dry chemical
    extinguishing agents.
    U.L. recommended application rate on hydrocarbon type
    fuels is 0.10gpm/ft².
    Suitable for use at temperatures up to -29 º C.


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