Bình chữa cháy bột ABC & E - LPCB / Kitemark Approved

  • Mã SP: NTP
  • Giá: liên hệ
  • NAFFCO Mobile stored pressure ABC Dry powder extinguishers are characterized by their high performance and simple method operation. The ABC Dry powder Mobile type extinguisher contains high performance powder and thus has achieved highest fire rating.

    They are suitable for multipurpose application of fires involving free burning materials, flammable liquids, flammable gases and electrical equipment.

    Effective for Class A, B, C & Electrical fires



    • The fire extinguishers are designed to comply all the specification requirements of BS EN 1866-1.
    • Kitemark & LPCB approved for different capacity extinguishers.
    • Highest fire rating due to high performance ABC powder.
    • Ready for instant use and simple to operate.
    • Fully controlled and easy operation by rust free brass valve.
    • Cart and cylinder are made of rugged steel and welded to meet extreme use conditions.
    • Easily transportable & Field rechargeable.
    • Highly visible pressure-indicating gauge.
    • Externally coated by Electrostatic powder painting after shot blasting ensures maximum corrosion resistance.
    • Brass nickel plated head valve with simple lever operation.
  • Chi tiết sản phẩm
  • Đánh Giá Sản Phẩm
Model NTP25 NTP50 NTP100
Extinguisher Capacity 25 Kg 50 Kg 100 Kg
Fire Rating IIB IVB IVB
Working Pressure 18 Bar 18 Bar 18 Bar
Maximum Working Pressure 22 Bar 22 Bar 22 Bar
Test Pressure 32 Bar 32 Bar 32 Bar
Total Height & Width 1025 x 500 mm 1065 x 550 mm 1105 x 650 mm
Total Weight Approx. 63 Kg Approx. 100 Kg Approx. 172 Kg
Range of Discharge 7-9m 7-9m 8-9m
Duration of Discharge 25-30 Sec 47-55 Sec 85-90 Sec
Propellant Nitrogen Nitrogen Nitrogen
Hose size & Length 16mm x 5 mtr 16mm x 5 mtr 16mm x 7 mtr
Cylinder Material Hot rolled steel plate
Approval LPCB / Kitemark Approved
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