Bình chữa cháy bột ABC,E - BSI / LPCB Approved

  • Mã SP: NP
  • Giá: liên hệ
    • Monoammonium phosphate based dry chemical agent. Capable of fighting Class A, B, C and E fires
    • Kitemark / LPCB certified to BS EN3.
    • High quality polyester paint.
    • Controlled discharge.
    • Brass nickel plated head valve with simple squeeze operation.
    • Unique gauge testing system.
    • Unique colour coded handle and base (optional).
    • Rechargeable and easy to service.

    Ideal Use: Houses, office, buildings, warehouses, farms, wood working area etc.

    *Note: Not recommended for use on expensive and delicate equipment like computers, etc..

  • Chi tiết sản phẩm
  • Đánh Giá Sản Phẩm
Model NP1 NP2 NP3 NP4 NP6 NP9 NP12
Extinguisher Capacity 1kg 2kg 3kg 4kg 6kg 9kg 12kg
Propellant 95% Nitrogen + 5% Helium
Fire Rating 8A 34B 13A 70B 21A 89B 21A 113B 34A 183B 43A 233B 55A 233B
Working Pressure 14bar 15bar
Maximum Operating Pressure 18.5 Bar @ 60°C
Test Pressure 30 Bar
Total weight 1.8kg 3.7kg 5.8kg 7.5kg 10kg 14kg 17.8kg
Range of Discharge 4-5m 5-7m 6-7m 7-8m 6-8m 6-8m 6-8m
Duration of Discharge 7-9sec 10-12 sec 11-12 sec 13-15 sec 18-20 sec 22-24 sec 28-30 sec
Hose Length with Nozzle N/A N/A 395mm 457mm 534mm 534mm 617mm
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Cylinder Material CRCA Steel
Height x Diameter (in mm) 337 x 78 385 x 110 420 x 132 408 x 150 520 x 150 515 x 185 620 x 185
Approval BSI / LPCB Approved

*High Fire Rating Using Special ABC Powder

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