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  • Turbo Lux 3 Flow Meter

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    SIZE RANGE DN50 / 2" - DN300 / 12"
    MAX WORKING PRESSURE 16 bar (232psi)
    TEMPERATURE RANGE +4 ºC to +50 ºC (+39ºF to +122ºF)
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The Turbo-Lux 3 orifice flow meter is used to measure the volume of clear liquids and gas flows in closed pipelines. The installation position and direction of flow are flexible. The areas of application focus on use in stationary water-based extinguishing systems in water supply test pipes. With only two components, the Turbo Lux 3 is supplied as standard with ISO6182-12 grooved end connections for ease and speed of installation.

The main features of the Turbo Lux 3 include: 
• Nominal size from DN50 / 2" to DN300 / 12"
• Pump flow rate from 185 - 19 000 lpm (50 - 5 000 USgpm)
• Measuring flow range from 75 - 38 000 lpm (20 - 10 000 USgpm)
• Measurement accuracy certificate supplied as standard for the bypass meter (optional calibration certificate)
• Easy to install with grooved connections
• Unique installation assembly, just with one threaded connection (no tools required)
• Can be installed in any angle of pipe, horizontal through to vertical.
• Long lifespan, stainless steel standard up to DN100

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