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  • 304 Swing Check Valve (Grooved)

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    SIZE RANGE 50mm - 200mm (2" - 12")
    BODY TYPE Grooved
    MAXIMUM WORKING PRESSURE 24 bar (350 psi)
    WORKING TEMPERATURE 0°C to 80°C (32°F to 176°F )
    BODY MATERIAL Ductile Iron
    APPROVALS FM Approved, UL Listed
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Compact, cost effective valve offering low pressure - drop, non slam performance.

Lighter and faster to install than flanged and wafer valve assemblies.

In the full-open position the swing clapper is held tightly against the valve body, out of flow stream, to provide maximum flow area and prevent clapper flutter. The clapper design allows quick, non-slam closure before flow reversal can occur, meeting the FM requirements for an anti-water hammer valve rating.

Each valve is hydrostatically tested for leak tightness to 34.5 bar. The clapper seat design permits leak free sealing of back pressures in service conditions ranging from 24 bar to as low as 0.35 bar (710mm water head.)

Suitable for installation in horizontal or vertical pipelines. Hinge pin must be above the centreline when mounted horizontally.


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